And suddenly it all went dark. Completely dark. Without twilights,
without creeping night shadows, without a warning.
Just like that – complete darkness. And then it started to fade. And when the darkness faded away, tiny cracks of reality emerged. New darkness poured through them and revealed the new life. Life with a lot of space between Guy and Noga in the backseat of the car. With those socks, left on the floor in the first room on the right, that nobody dares to put back in the closet.
With a table for four and recipes that Varda no longer has someone to consult with about. With Friday mornings when there is no one to wait for.
With the empty chair that grandma Stella left on the holiday’s dinner.
With the old season ticket for Macabi Haifa that will become a symbol.
With the cellular phone that came back from the Lebanese border and will become an exhibit. With that shuddering Golani sticker on the rear window of varda’s car, that will be pealed and transferred from one car to the next one. With those pictures that look as if taken from a war movie with a lot of camouflage colors on the face, that couldn’t be real. With a thousand and one questions we didn’t dream we would be asking at our age, and no decent answer. And without Daniel.